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As another British summer draws to a close and the nights getting shorter and shorter, it's time to reflect upon the sunny months that just past.

The hottest summer debate has not been Brexit, Wimbledon, The Ashes or even Love Island. On everybody's lips (quite literally) has been the subject that has truly divided the nation  – What is Britain's Favourite Ice Lolly?

What began as a Twitter row (isn't everything a row on Twitter?!?) has become the subject of some controversial research from Gala Bingo. The results? well, they may surprise you!.

As the nation basked in good weather and ice creams and lollies were melting everywhere, Twitter went into its meltdown over what is the nations favourite ice lolly. For a start, last year's winner – the Magnum, seemed to upset various people who vehemently complained that Magnum was ice cream and not an ice lolly.

Radio 1 presenter Niki Albon categorised the lollies into a god, top, mid and awful tiers.

UK's Favourite Ice Lolly


This only seemed to spark more outrage. Whilst the YouGov poll in 2018 showed a top 6 of:

  1. Magnum
  2. Fab
  3. Solero
  4. Twister
  5. Feast
  6. Calippo

Magnum Rules UK

The research from Gala Bingo told a very different story.

The Magnum, which first hit the UK's freezers in 1992, proved popular with the over 65s. More than half of the pensioners surveyed listed the Unilever produced iced treat as their favourite.

By stark contrast, younger lolly fans preferred the Calippo ice lolly. Also owned by Unilever,  10% of 18 to 24-year-olds labelled Calippo as their favourites.

Equality between sexes may be a hot topic of debate, but when it comes to ice lollies there is a clear difference. 1 in 17 women listed Solero as their preferred ice lolly, whilst 1 in 25 men listed Unilever-owned ice lolly first launched in 1994, as their top choice in ice lollies.

Britain's favourite Ice Lollies / Ice Creams are as follows:

  1. Magnum
  2. Cornetto
  3. The 99
  4. Feast
  5. Solero
  6. Twister
  7. Choc Ice
  8. Cadbury's Dairy Milk
  9. Fab
  10. Nobbly Bobbly
Britain's Favourite Ice Lolly


There was, of course, some notable and surprising omissions from the list. Long-time children's favourite only made 12th. Meanwhile, to the complete shock of the BingoDaily team, the Rocket Lolly limped in at 14th.

Karina Adrian, the Head of Brand Marketing at said:

There are not many things more summery than sitting in the sun with a nice ice lolly! It’s great to be able to reveal once and for all, the nation’s favourites.

“But whichever cold treats you prefer, just make sure you find some time to go out and enjoy the summer.

“With the long, cold winter we’ve had, we definitely deserve it!”

The team here couldn't agree a top ten, so it is little surprise that the nation couldn't either. What's your favourite ice lolly or ice cream? comment below!

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