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Numbers pop up everywhere in life, from passwords and postcodes to pins and phone numbers. We’ve all heard of ‘unlucky 13’, ‘lucky 7’ and ‘3 is the magic number’, but just how important are numbers when it comes to making choices in our lives? In numbers-based games such as bingo, it seems only natural that the way we approach numbers themselves could have an influence on the way that we play? Find out more about how online gamblers and bingo players use numerology to supposedly predict numbers and increase their chances of taking the win.

What is Numerology?

Broadly speaking, numerology is a system of studying numbers that has been used by humans since the classical era. In numerology, each number is assigned its own distinct significance, which can then be related to letters, words, or concepts in order to impart higher meaning. Classified as a pseudoscience (often in the same vein as astrology and mysticism), numerology attributes meaning to numbers which can be directly related to our own fates and lives. The five most important numbers in numerology are:

  • Life Path: This number is represented by your date of birth.
  • Spirit Number: The spirit number is represented by the vowels of your name.
  • Outward Personality: This number is represented by the consonants in your name.
  • Fate: The fate number is represented by your full name.
  • Power Number: The power number is the sum of your name and your date of birth.

Numerology in Bingo

These days, you can enjoy several variations of bingo online. In recent years we have seen an increasing use of technology in the game, including digital bingo and even robot bingomasters. While the classic game is sure to continue to evolve with each new development in the tech industry, many players continue to stick to the ‘old-fashioned’ methods when it comes to playing. If you’d like to give online bingo a go, there are lots of amazing online casinos that include variations of online bingo in their games library. You can play online and try out different strategies and methods of predicting numbers. One of the most interesting and controversial of these methods is the use of numerology charts and lucky numbers to make bingo predictions – but does it really work?

Numerology & Gambling

There is a long-running debate as to whether or not numerology can help us to make decisions in life, including the choices we make when gambling online or making predictions in numbers-based games like bingo. While generally considered a pseudoscience, many players swear by numerology charts and readings when it comes to playing bingo or gambling online. Players may use numerology to influence their decisions regarding: specific games played, the time of day that they play, specific numbers gambled on, the value of wagers, specific game odds, or the number of players participating in a game. Some players may also use numerology to try and identify potential numerical patterns in consecutive rounds before making their own bet.

What’s Your Lucky Number?

Once you have used numerology to calculate your lucky (life path) number, you can try to apply this to the decisions you make when gambling, or even the numbers you predict when playing bingo. Take a look at the nine basic numbers in numerology and their supposed relevance to (and influence on) nine different types of gamblers – which category do you fall into?

  • Number 1: Gamblers who fall into this life path category are likely to be the life and soul of the party, with leadership qualities in abundance.
  • Number 2: ‘Number 2’ gamblers are likely to be highly measured and diplomatic.
  • Number 3: Those who fall into category 3 are likely to be creative, pleasure-seeking players who are always out to have a good time and potentially get lucky.
  • Number 4: Those gamblers with life path 4 as their lucky number are likely to be calm and methodical, even when the heat is on.
  • Number 5: Lucky number 5 indicates a versatility and confidence that allows players to take risks and break into new territory.
  • Number 6: Those with the life path 6 are likely to be highly responsible and balanced in their play.
  • Number 7: Life path 7 indicates a studious attention to detail and information-gathering that will serve players of numbers-based games like bingo well.
  • Number 8: Those with life path 8 are likely to be looking for big jackpots and top payouts, perhaps making bigger bets in the process.
  • Number 9: Seeing as the number 9 is one of the most ‘magical’ numbers in numerology, players who fall into this life path category are blessed with an apparent wisdom that should serve any gambler or bingo player well.

The Final Verdict

Whilst bingo devotees can have fun and socialise as they play, there is also the potential to win huge jackpots online, which brings an undeniably competitive edge to the game. If you’re a player looking to get in on the action online, there are a number of ways that you can approach predicting numbers, one of which is the use of ‘lucky’ numerology life paths. While these techniques are far from proven, the use of numerology can certainly provide some extra food for thought when it comes to approaching our relationship with numbers, the way we make predictions and the way we gamble in numbers-based games such as bingo. Calculate your own lucky number and put it to the test today!

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