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Its Friday, June 7th and that can only mean one thing. It's National Fish and Chips Day. Having announced a special link-up between the iconic British Fish and Chip brand Harry Ramsden and Mecca Bingo, the UK's most popular bingo brands, the team at BingoDaily thought we'd celebrate National Fish and Chips day by not only tucking into a hearty plate of Fish and Chips ourselves but also by sharing with you 10 fun facts about fish and chips.

  1. Worth the Wait – It is widely accepted that Fish and Chips started to be served together in the UK in 1860. Despite fish fried in batter arriving in the UK in the 17th century, it took nearly 200 years for fish to be served with chips. Eastern European Jews settled in the UK brought the food together and the rest, as they say, is history.

2.  Dinner Time Favourite – As of 2018, there were 10,500 fish and chip shops spread across the UK, selling over 300 million fish and chip meals annually. 70% of those fish and chip meals are sold at the evening meal time.

3. I Hope They Changed the Oil – The oldest fish and chips shop in the world still in operation is in Yeadon near Leeds. Fish and chips are believed to have been served from the premises now called ‘The Oldest Fish & Chip Shop in the World,' continually since 1865.

4. Virtually a Health Food – The cod liver oil contained is a rich source of vitamin D, containing fatty acids that can help with arthritic joints. You can get 33% of your daily vitamin C from a portion of chips and a single portion of chips contains less fat than a prawn mayonnaise sandwich. Whilst your average pizza contains 871 calories and a Big Mac has 888, your average portion of fish and chips ONLY has 595 calories

5. That's a Lot of Cod – Over 200 species of cod used are used in fish and chip meals. A cod fillet 34 inches long and 14 inches wide cooked in Hull's Seafood Week in 2002, holds the record for the world's largest fish and chips meal.

6. Fish and Chips Aroma – According to a 2004 survey, the smell of fish and chips is the UK’s 10th favourite smell. just behind the perfume.

7. Yesterday's Fish Paper Wrappings – Until the end of the 1980's fish and chips was often served in a newspaper. It was deemed that the ink from the newspaper was toxic, so the practice stopped.

8. Plenty Of Uses – Did you know that in the UK a whole industry worth millions of pounds has sprung up around the recycling of used chip shop oil. The leftover oil from the frying of fish and chips is a major source of biodiesel.

9. Celebrity Favourite –  Not only was it reported that Michael Jackson used to love a plate of fish and chips with mushy peas, but many celebrities have incorporated fish and chip suppers into their wedding day menus. Wayne Rooney, John Terry and Myleene Klass all chose fish and chips to serve to their wedding day guests, along with none other than Hollywood A-lister Kate Winslet.

10. Is That Even Possible? – The record number of fish and chip portions sold in a single day is 12,406. Marini's in Glasgow set the record in 1999 and it still stands to this day.

Hope you enjoyed the 10 fun facts about fish and chips on National Fish and Chips Day. We're off to go enjoy a big plate of … yes you've guessed it – fish and chips.

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